Surrendering a pet to the shelter should be considered a last resort option. Please consider all available alternatives prior to surrender. You may consider rehoming your pet with friends or family, or through rehoming sites such as Facebook, Nextdoor, or Adopt a Pet.  For behavior assistance the Kentucky Humane Society offers a free Behavior Helpline or fee based training classes. The Jeffersonville Animal Shelter has partnered with The Center for Lay Ministries for a pet resource center to help keep pets in the home. We give away pet food and resources the second Wednesday of every month.  JAS also helps pet owners spay and neuter their pets with vouchers. For more information click here

Rehoming Alternatives
Surrender Appointment

Since the Jeffersonville Animal Shelter does not have a time limit for any animal we must schedule all owner surrender pets. This ensures we have a space and can give the best care for every pet that enters our doors.   To schedule an appointment please call 812-282-0071. To help place your pet in the proper home we ask everyone to fill out an owner surrender form. Please give as much detail as possible and list any information that will be helpful for the next owner. To fill out an owner surrender form before your appointment click here.

Unadoptable Pets

There are some circumstances where animals cannot be placed up for adoption. When animals show signs of aggression or severe behavior problems and are a bite risk. Please be aware that a pet that is friendly in your home may react differently in the stressful shelter environment. Another circumstance is if the shelter determines the animal is too ill to be adopted. Please be aware the shelter does not have a veterinarian on staff.


Trap, Neuter, Release

How it Works

Trap neutered and release is the only proven method to be effective in controlling stray or community cats.

We offer spay and neuter services for stray or outside cats for Clark County residents. For more information please call the shelter at 812-282-0071. 

The Benefits of TNR