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How to Volunteer

Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering at the Jeffersonville Animal Shelter. Volunteers are a huge help to the staff and animals at the shelter. To ensure there are enough activities for volunteers and to make sure the shelter is getting the help we need all volunteers will be scheduled.

Socializing with Cat and Kittens

Come play with adoptable cats and kittens. Our cats can get out of  their kennels one a time to stretch their legs and get some cuddles.

Dog Walkers

We need dog walkers throughout the week! Getting our dogs outside every day is so important to help get some energy out and keep their spirits up while they are looking for their forever home. Click the month below for dates to get started!




Everyone must fill out a volunteer waiver before volunteering. For a volunteer waiver to fill out in advance click here.

Doggy Day Out

Take a dog on an adventure with our Doggy Day Out program. This allows for dogs to get out of the shelter to get more exposure to adopters and have some fun! Volunteers must be 18 years old and schedule a day and time to take a dog off shelter property. To fill out a waiver in advance click here and for our Doggy Day Out Manual click here. To sign up or submit a waiver please email


Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be to volunteer?

There is not an age requirement to volunteer. Anyone under the age of 16 years old must have a parent/guardian with them at all times. Anyone under the age of 18 years old must have a parent/guardian sign a volunteer form for them.


What times do you take volunteers?

Volunteers are accepted during normal business hours.  Our hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 11am-5:30pm and Saturday 11am-3pm. To ensure the shelter is getting the help it needs we schedule all volunteers. Any volunteering when the shelter is closed must be approved. All large groups must be approved.


What can I do to help?

Walking Dogs, socializing cats, washing dishes, cleaning cages, and folding laundry are day to day tasks that we need help with. Volunteers can also take adoptable cats and dogs to adoption events in the evenings and on weekends.


What do I need to do to start volunteering?

To begin volunteering, you will need to fill out a volunteer waiver. These can be turned in at the shelter, faxed, or emailed to Kristie, the Operations Coordinator at After your waiver is turned in,  you can dive in!  


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