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Behavior Help

A common reason owners surrender their pets is because of behavioral problems.  Positive behavior training can develop a better relationship with your pet, prevent common behavior issues from even starting, and addressing “bad” behaviors. Click on an educational link below for more information.

Dog Resources


House training


Destructive chewing


Escaping the yard


Preparing your pet for a new baby


Moving with your pet


Introducing your dog to a new dog

Zak George's Dog Training Revolution has a lot of great YouTube videos about training a dog with positive reinforcement. Click here to start watching. 

McCann Professional Dog Trainers also has a lot of great YouTube videos with closed captions. Click here to start watching.

Although Jeffersonville Ogle Animal Shelter does not offer
any behavior training classes, the Kentucky Humane Society offers classes

that encourage positive reinforcement training. For more information
and behavior class schedules, click here.




Cat Resources

The Kentucky Humane Society offers virtual cat training.

For more information click here.


Jackson Galaxy has a lot of great information on YouTube for cat owners.

Click here to for more information.

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